The Problem

Mac OS X lets you keep folders in the Dock. This makes accessing frequently used folders quick and easy.



The problem is that without customized folder icons, you cannot tell the folders apart.

In many cases, having a short text label over an icon makes it much easier to tell what's in the folder. However, creating such an icon using a graphic app and an icon app can be difficult and time-consuming.

The Solution

FolderBrander lets you quickly and easily alter the look of your folders.

Feature Highlights

Just pick a base icon and type in a short text label. Two sliders let you rotate and skew the text to match the orientation and perspective of the base icon. And to position the text, simply click and drag.

When you are satisfied with how your new icon look, simply click the Apply button and you're done!

Can't Manage Without [FolderBrander] ★★★★★

Stable - Works Great - Handy when you need it! ★★★★★

Does this app add value to productivity by reducing time for changing folder icons? - Yes! ★★★★☆

It not only makes my dock less boring to look at, but it increases my efficiency and productivity as well since I no longer have to hover over each folder to find the one I'm looking for! ★★★★★

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This is one neat program. It is easy to master, does what it claims to do, no crashes, and just adds an awesome look to folders. ★★★★★

Being able to highlight my folders in different colors and styles makes it much easier to find things. ★★★★☆

Just what I was looking for to easily customize folders I keep in my dock. Works as described, and lots of creative freedom! ★★★★★

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For a limited time, FolderBrander is available on the Mac App Store for just $6.99.