The Hard Way

To illustrate the power of EasyCrop, consider the following scenario.

You wish to crop and scale down a photo to send in an email, and you want the file size to be under 50 KB. With a full-featured graphics application, these are the steps you would take:

The EasyCrop Way


EasyCrop is a small app that launches in no time. And since it takes up little resources and is so useful, most users just keep it running all the time.

To perform the above task, simply drag the photo into EasyCrop. Then select the area you wish to crop and resize using a slider.

Some Usage Ideas

When you're happy with what you see in the live preview, enter the file size limit and drag the preview image straight to the email you are composing.

That's it.

Download your copy today and try it out for yourself. Chances are that you will, like many others, find yourself using it more than you ever imagined.

Great little app for resizing images ... Works with drag-drop, which is perfect with my workflow.

Used it once - had to have it

This is one of those small utilities that answers a special need, and does it well, with no fuss.

I use EasyCrop every day, and I've tried many others...but no other application beats EasyCrop when I want to quickly and effortlessly resize images.

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